10 Best Tablets For Photoshop

Well, Photoshop isn’t the only thing they offer, tablets nowadays are equipped with such high-end components, they can easily run like a gaming laptop. Yes, that’s true!

Size doth matters when it comes to comfort, but when you see a tablet featuring a 19.3-inch screen, wouldn’t you check its features? Luckily, we have one in our list of Best Tablets for Photoshop, right here (Hint: check the 3rd spot).

Or, if you’re more concerned about graphics, multitasking features, storage, speed, connectivity, pen technology, etc. we’ve got you covered. We’ve consumed ample time researching and evaluating hundreds before coming up with a handful of tablets your teenage kid can easily make friends with for a long, long time.

So, let’s dive in and find out which one makes it to your kid’s school bag. 

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Comparison of Best Tablets For Photoshop

Tablet NameEditor’s ScoreSizePrice
1. Apple Ipad – 10.2“10/1010.2"
2. Samsung Chromebook Pro9/1012.3"
3. Huion Kamvas GT-1919.5/1019.3"
4. Microsoft Surface Pro8.5/1012.3"
5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A9.5/1010.1"
6. Wacom Cintiq 168/1015.6"
7- Huion Kamvas Pro GT-1169/1011.6"
8- Simbans TangoTab8.5/1010"
9- Apple Ipad – (Space Grey)9.9/1010.2"
10- Lenovo Yoga Tab 38/108"

Best Tablets For Photoshop in 2020

1. Apple Ipad – 10.2″

“Editor’s Choice”

Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) -...
37,863 Reviews
Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) -...
  • 10.2-inch Retina display
  • A10 Fusion chip
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • 8MP back camera, 1.2MP FaceTime HD front...
  • Stereo speakers
  • Great for the price
  • Battery life is decent
  • Bigger screen for a better experience
  • The A10 chipset is optimized well enough
  • Limited capacity options (only 32GB and 128GB)
  • Bulkier than other options

Apple’s bigger and budget-friendly iPad is here with some amazing designing features, and we can’t stop drooling over it for obvious reasons. To be honest, it is hard to beat the luxurious design and luminous display of Apple, and Apple iPad 10.2 continues to inherit this. Also, the high performance is cherry on top!


Let’s start with the look and feel of the Apple iPad; it has a very sleek solid feeling from the outside, yet the design is typical Apple-ish (obviously!). The body of the iPad is made of durable aluminum and a home button with glass on the front.

Moreover, this comes in three different color options: Space Grey, Gold, and Silver, which is great as there is one for everyone. Apple iPad 10.2 is thicker as compared to Apple’s other variant iPad 10.5 inch, which is quite similar in size but goes big on the budget as well.


Drawing and illustrating becomes more fun with this iPad, as Apple goes big on this one! This Apple iPad has a screen display that is bigger than its predecessors, i.e., a 10.2-inch screen. It’s not a big jump. However, it’s always good to have big screens when it comes to tablets.  

As the screen is stretched out, Apple improved the resolution for this iPad to match the pixel density and make the display crispier. Along with being bright and sharp, Apple iPad 10.2 inch supports Apple Pencil, great for drawing and writing notes!


Let’s break it, iPads are more or less made for giving a better experience than phones. And, this iPad has fulfilled some expectations as it contains A10 Fusion chipset (same as iPhone 7), which is quite amazing when designing, using rigorous applications such as Photoshop, and video editing.

Also, Apple has jumped from 2GB to 3GB RAM with this iPad, which means lag-free performance, and at this price, it’s a steal!

Bottom line

Streaming videos, illustrating on extensive apps, taking notes, and film editing, are the core features that this iPad is capable of providing very smoothly. And, that makes this a perfect choice for designers. However, if you have a little issue with the compactness of this iPad, we suggest you look for some other options.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 10/10
  • Product Name: Apple Ipad – 10.2-inch
  • Processor: A10 Fusion chipset
  • Storage: 32GB or 128GB
  • Display: 10.2 inch
  • Screen Resolution: 2160 x 1620 pixels
  • Chip: A10 Fusion chip
  • Weight: 1.07
  • Battery life : up to 10 hours

2. Samsung Chromebook Pro

“Top-Notch Display”

Samsung Chromebook Pro Convertible Touch...
577 Reviews
Samsung Chromebook Pro Convertible Touch...
  • Display: 12.3" 2400x1600, 3:2,400nit
  • Intel Core M3 Processor 6Y30 ; 2.2Ghz...
  • 4GB LPDDR3 Memory (on BD 4GB); Battery...
  • Hard Drive: 32GB...
  • Refer User Manual under Technical...
  • Sleek design that looks gorgeous when carrying
  • Stylus is included
  • The display is top-notch with crispier and brighter colors
  • Portable as it is lightweight and thin
  • The quality of the keyboard isn’t great
  • The battery life is quite poor

Don’t break your back in front of your laptop all day. Now you can take a breather and convert your computer into a tablet with the Samsung Chromebook Pro. Samsung decided to marry the performance of the Chromebook and portability of a tablet together, and no wonder, they lived happily ever after!


The chassis of this laptop-cum-tablet is made of all aluminum, and that makes it very sturdy. The color of the body is silver, which fits well in the Chromebook lineup for Samsung.  

It’s lightweight but not flimsy at all. The Samsung Chromebook Pro weighs around 1.08 kgs (2.38 lbs), which is very convenient to take along in your travel bag. It is incredibly thin and feather-light (as compared to other Chromebooks) that it almost feels like nothing!


The display size for a tablet, i.e., 12.3-inch, is quite amazing. But, for a laptop, it’s not a great deal, to be honest. Talking about the quality, this 2400 x 1600 panel screen is brighter and crispier as compared to some of the competitors out there. Also, the display is very luminous, with 376 nits. That means it won’t budge on a watch party with your partner.


With Intel Core m3-6Y30 CPU and 4GB RAM, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is champion when it comes to multitasking. This combination of processor and RAM can serve you well on high-end designing applications as well as extensive browsing on the internet without any lag.

Also, the gaming experience on Samsung Chromebook Pro is very smooth, unlike other competitors (even the Chromebook Plus) that were uneven and muddy throughout.

Bottom line

The 2 in 1 feature already makes it stand out and needs no further debate. Still, the display and design make a good talk of the town. However, if more attention was paid to the battery, as it takes hours to create a masterpiece, and keyboard, it would have been great.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Product Name: Samsung Chromebook Pro
  • Processor: Intel Core M3 Processor 6Y30
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Display: 12.3-inch
  • Screen Resolution: 2400 x 1600 pixels
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 515
  • Weight: 2.38lbs
  • Battery life : up to 9 hours

3. Huion Kamvas GT-191

“Market-Competitive Quality”

Huion KAMVAS 20 Drawing Tablet Pen...
1,145 Reviews
Huion KAMVAS 20 Drawing Tablet Pen...
  • Tilt Function Battery-free Stylus -...
  • 120% sRGB Color Gamut - Kamvas 20 pen...
  • 178°Wide Viewing Angle - ensures clear...
  • Anti-glare Glass - With Anti-glare...
  • Online Teaching and Working - KAMVAS 20...
  • Amazing for the value
  • Market-competitive quality
  • Complete software compatibility with Photoshop and Zbrush
  • Complete range of accessories for professional artists and designers
  • Anti-glare protection against scratches
  • Cable connection prevents portability
  • The matte protector is rather grainier

If you’re into graphics, web designing, architecture, 3d modeling, etc., this Huion Kamvas GT-191 is a Deal to Grab! It offers drawing flexibility and a bright display any designer would love to have. What else?

This tablet offers industry-leading pressure sensitivity to give you a canvas-brush feel. Couple that up with a metal stand and voila! A complete studio-like experience no other tablet can offer. Read on to explore this exceptional drawing tablet.


Made of a plastic body with a glossy glass surface on screen as well as bezel, Huion Kamvas is a very sturdy gadget, not to mention its great build.

That being said, the tablet is very chunky, and that makes it heavier when carrying in hands. However, it does come with a durable metal stand to take a load off from your hands. The Huion Kamvas looks more like a monitor than a tablet, but at this price, what else do you ask for?


The display of the Huion Kamvas is what makes it stand out as it goes really big with a 19.5 inch Full HD display. Also, the stand allows you to view the screen at different levels from 20 to 80 degrees.

The colors of the display are accurate and bright, making it a good choice for editing films and pictures, illustrating and drawing. Even Though the tablet comes with a pen, a touch screen would have been convenient.

Want good news? The tablet comes with a matte screen protector pre-installed, which means less glare!


Being a drawing tablet, what extraordinary performance features do you expect? Still, Huion Kamvas has 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. Also, it comes with two pens, so you always have one of your digital paint brushes charged.

Bottom line

The Huion GT-191 Kamvas is the best tablet for people who like graphic designing, photo editing, fashion designing, and other similar work. A high definition display puts less stress on eyes, while amazingly high pressure-sensitivity gives a feeling like you’re drawing with pen and paper.

Keep in mind that GT-191 is a drawing tab, which is why it relies on the external power supply and offers a metal stand to let you use it as a monitor or drawing canvas. Also, competitive price is another Bonus if you want it that way.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9.5/10
  • Product Name: Huion Kamvas GT-191
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Display: 19.3-inch
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Weight: 13.05 lbs
  • Battery life : 350 hours
  • Digital pen: Rechargeable PE330

4. Microsoft Surface Pro

“High-Speed Processing”

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (128 GB, 4 GB...
976 Reviews
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (128 GB, 4 GB...
  • Surface Pro 4 powers through everything...
  • The 12.3 PixelSense screen has extremely...
  • keyboard is not included and needed to...
  • Ships in Consumer packaging
  • Maximum Memory Capacity : 4
  • Best for gaming, 3D modeling, film and photo editing
  • High-speed processing
  • 4 GB RAM ensures the smooth running of multiple programs
  • Exceptional graphics
  • Portable due to lightweight
  • Expensive model
  • The processor is slower as compared to Core i7 models
  • Battery not sufficient

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is yet another tablet laptop ideal for photoshop as well as other graphic designers on the go. If you are a sucker for sleek gadgets along with high-quality graphics, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 fits perfectly in that department.

Where shall we start? The looks, the display, the speed, the multitasking features, connectivity and what not; this over-the-top model exhibits a thought process that’s only attributed to MicroSoft.


Just like all the Surface family members, the Surface Pro 4 is also made of the unibody, all magnesium casing, which gives it a very professional and decent look from the outside. However, the newer thing is the logo of Microsoft that replaced the old Surface logo.

This tablet weighs around 786g, which is relatively low for a high-performance tablet. So, now your back is at ease while carrying this sleek gadget. Microsoft also decided to remove the room-taking Windows button, thus a few tenths bigger screen display.


With a display of 12.3 inches, the Surface Pro 4 tablet has a very responsive touch screen, high contrast, and low glare to keep you going even in the daylight without straining your eyes. Microsoft decided to up their game with a remarkably higher resolution of 2736 x 1824; this beats the Apple iPad Pro and MacBook Air. Now, you get laptop specific display results right in your portable Surface Pro 4.

The colors are very accurate, and you can definitely see a difference in brightness and luminosity from its predecessor, Surface Pro 3. So, if you are someone who plays around colors (graphic designer or artist) or someone who enjoys watching movies and TV on your tablet, the Surface Pro 4 should definitely be on your choice list. 


The Surface Pro features Intel Core i5 6th gen which is great for using heavy designing apps like Photoshop and multitasking. For a tablet not explicitly designed for designers, it leaves behind all its competitors, even the HP spectre 2015 x360, which is really impressive.

However, there are some battery issues; it only lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes, it doesn’t match what it claims, i.e., 9 hours.

Bottom line

Even years after launch, the Surface Pro still exists in one of the robust tablets out there. Microsoft’s take on bringing the tablet as close to the laptop has been a success with the Surface Pro. However, the ‘not so new’ keyboard is still not included in the box for the real experience.  

If the battery was given a little more attention, this would have been ranked a little higher in the list.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 8.5/10
  • Product Name: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 CR5-00001
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 3 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB
  • Display: 12.3 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 2736 x 1824 pixels
  • Graphics: Intel Iris HD
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Battery life : 9 hours

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

“Fantastic Design”

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1’’...
582 Reviews
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1’’...
  • 10.1" WUXGA Display 1920 x 1220 Screen...
  • 16GB internal storage, Features a...
  • 1.6 GHz Exynos 7870 Octa-Core Processor...
  • 2MP front camera and 8MP rear camera...
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, Up to 13...
  • Extended memory included
  • Easy-to-carry and handle because of smaller dimensions
  • Lighter weight as compared to other models
  • Best value for money based on functionality
  • Low-price options available
  • RAM does not support running multiple high-resolution programs/apps
  • Internal storage is relatively smaller
  • The screen is LCD not LED

If your teenage kid happens to be a girl, we have a tablet she won’t refuse. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A T580 10.1 w/ 128 GB SD has some good competition to kick in, not only budget-wise but with the top features, it has to offer. This thin, stylish tablet has made it to our list of best tablets not just because of the looks, but also due to its performance.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A has all-aluminum back with a thin plastic strip on the top; this makes it look the most stylish Tablet at such a price. Also, it is very lightweight and super slim i.e., 7.5 mm.

Samsung decided to cut out the screen borders a little for a bigger and better screen. However, there are some aspects to compromise upon, as there is no fingerprint unlocking and no water resistance as well.


The screen is 10.1 inches with 1920 x 1200 resolution, which makes it reasonable. However, the display of this Tablet is just on an okay-ish side because it is LCD, not OLED, which means the darker colors aren’t that dark. This will only be noticeable with all black or all white screens, which is quite rare.

For the price point, it’s an excellent LED screen. Crispier, sharp, and bright enough to get you going on everyday indoor uses.


We won’t say it’s the best out there, but it is good for the price as it contains 1.6 GHz Exynos 787 Octa Core. These specifications are enough for streaming videos and playing light to mediumly extensive designing applications. And, for the price, it’s not even a debate.

Also, you are getting 2GB RAM instead of 1.5 RAM as in the 7-inch version of this Tablet, which makes it a little smoother and lag-free. The battery life beats many competitors as it tends to last up to 8-9 hours.

Bottom line

The Samsung Tab A is a mix and match of both high-end and low-end features to keep it budget-friendly. It is great for very portable and handy for everyday use. However, it leaves a dent when it comes to the display and RAM of the Tab.

Nevertheless, it’s a worthwhile option if you want it for streaming and medium resolution games while not breaking your bank.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9.5/10
  • Product Name: Samsung Galaxy Tab A T580 10.1
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz Exynos, 787 Octa-Core
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 16 GB
  • Display: 10.1 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1200
  • Weight: 1.16 lbs
  • Battery life : 8 hours (operating), 13 hours (idle)

6. Wacom Cintiq 16

“Photoshop Expert”

Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing...
929 Reviews
Wacom DTK1660K0A Cintiq 16 Drawing...
  • A more affordable pen Display with Wacom...
  • Cintiq’s 15.6 inch 1920x1080 HD...
  • See your creations in vibrant color on...
  • Connect to your computer with the...
  • Warning: Manufacturer's warranty is only...
  • The build quality is great
  • The Wacom Pro Pen 2 is included
  • The screen is good for the price
  • The cable management is applaudable
  • A little heavier
  • The stand is just an extra-cost

Replacing the mouse and cursor for editing, Wacom Cintiq 16 is the cousin of its Pro version with the same pen technology. That means you are getting the same responsive display at a much lesser price than the Pro version.


Designed to be kept on the desk, this drawing tablet weighs over 4 pounds, which might sound a little heavier, but anyways it’s not supposed to be carried all the time.

There are large bezels around the screen, which are quite useful for the designers to rest their hands without budging their art. Moreover, it comes with foldable legs so you can use it at a better angle.


The screen size is 15.6 inches with 1920 x 1080 full HD display, great for the price and not bad but nothing too extraordinary. The display is not a touch screen, which means the Wacom Cintiq 16 is only operable with the Pen, but luckily the Wacom Pro Pen 2 is included. 

Even though the resolution is not braggable, still the anti-glare feature leaves many competitors behind. When using it outdoors or under a study lamp, the designers won’t have to strain their eyes.

Bottom line

This tablet is only for the designing enthusiasts, and that too if you are regularly using it to justify the cost. Being a designer, it is a must as it makes the drawing tidier and that too in no time, thanks to the display and Wacom Pro Pen 2.

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 8/10
  • Product Name: Wacom Cintiq 16
  • Pen: Wacom Pro 2 technology
  • Display: 15.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Weight: 4.19 lbs

7- Huion Kamvas Pro GT-116

“Portable adjustable stand”

Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 Drawing Tablet with...
365 Reviews
Huion KAMVAS Pro 12 Drawing Tablet with...
  • Tilt Function Battery-free Stylus -...
  • 11.6 Inches IPS screen - 120% sRGB Color...
  • 4 Press Keys and 1 Touch Bar - Setting...
  • Full-laminated Anti-glare Glass - With...
  • Online Teaching and Working - KAMVAS Pro...
  • stylus is battery-free and has a tilt function
  • Dimensions as big as an A4 sheet
  • Compatible with the latest Windows and iOS systems
  • Portable adjustable stand included
  • Nearly 2-pound weight
  • Not a standalone tablet
  • The connected computer requires regular installation updates

Huion just packed its Pro 13’s specifications in a smaller size with this new Huion Kamvas Pro 12. It comes with a stand, battery-free stylus, a Full HD laminated display and comprehensive compatibility options, what else do you need for a photoshop friendly tablet? 


Well, we should appreciate the design of the Huion Kamvas Pro 12 even at first sight. It is made of Galvanized Aluminium, that is very durable and high quality as compared to plastic which is a common material used for tablets these days. Talking about the size and dimension of this drawing tablet, it is 1.98 lbs in weight and 11 cm thick, which means that it is quite mobile to carry around. 

Moreover, the showstopper for this tablet is the stand that it comes with. The stand itself is very lightweight and handy. You can adjust the angles easily while drawing your next masterpiece. That way, you won’t be straining your wrist or posture drawing in the same position for hours. 


Huion Kamvas Pro 12 has an 11.6 inches Full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. That means you are going to have enhanced details for your artworks which will draw everyone’s attention. Moreover, the 120% sRGB Gamut makes sure that your display has bright and vivid colors, which is quite necessary for designers. 

Not to forget, the display is full laminated technology reducing the difference between the screen and glass to give a more realistic feel as you are drawing on the paper. The anti-glare feature makes it easier to draw in bright indoor lights while protecting your eyes. However, when tested, it gave satisfactory results as a little bit of glare was noticed but nothing over the line. 


As for not a standalone tablet, performance isn’t its ground. Yes, Huion Kamvas Pro 12 needs a computer to connect to work. And, that computer should also have HDMI and USB ports available. It is compatible with pretty much every operating system (drivers should be downloaded) including Windows, iOS and Catalina. 

Another cherry on the top is that the battery-free pen is included. It is always a good thing when a drawing tablet has a stylus included, and Huion has always made sure of it while not compromising on the quality. The stylus has a 60 pen tilt support along with 8192 pen pressure to give you that advanced pen performance. 

Bottom line

Being a not-a-standalone tablet, Huion Kamvas Pro 12 has got everything you could ask for in a drawing tablet. If we keep aside the little drawbacks here and there, this is an ultimate tablet for photoshop designers, illustrators and everyone else who has a creative hand. 

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9/10
  • Product Name: Huion KAMVAS GT-116
  • Pen: battery-free PW507
  • Display: 11.6 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Weight: 1.98 pounds
  • Dimensions : 350mm x 198.6mm x 11mm
  • Accessories : power adopter, pen holder, cleaning cloth, ten pen nibs

8- Simbans TangoTab


[3 Bonus Items] Simbans TangoTab 10 Inch...
1,258 Reviews
[3 Bonus Items] Simbans TangoTab 10 Inch...
  • WORRY FREE PURCHASE - Comes with 1-year...
  • Affordable
  • Comes with one-year warranty
  • Extremely lightweight tablet
  • 2 GB RAM is not sufficient for running heavy apps and games
  • Average battery is just five hours

If you are a casual artist or just a beginner starting out, this Simbans TangoTab would be a perfect choice. And the reasons are right in front of you, the solid built, decent display and a good performance is just what you need!


The design of Simbans TangoTab is somewhere between not so bad and not so good. Undoubtedly, the build quality is solid and the back of the tablet is nice to touch, however it still doesn’t showcase as a premium looking tablet. But, for the price we can get away with that. 

The tablet is thin and lightweight, that’s an add-on for portability. Also, on the sides of the tablet, there are several ports that should be enough for a tablet. These include 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro SD card reader, mini HDMI and Type-C data and power port. 


The Simbans TangoTab features a 10.1 inch IPS Display that has a resolution of 1280 x 800. Yes, the resolution is not high enough and pixelation is visible, but it is not too bad for a budget tablet. When it comes to color accuracy and viewing angles, the tablet performs decently in that department. 

It comes with an already installed screen protector. Which is handy if you have a rough hand. However, the glossy finish of the protector can be a little troublesome and slippery when drawing with the pen. 


For a drawing tablet, all that matters is the drawing performance. And with this Simbans TabgoTab you won’t go wrong, the pressure sensitivity is decent i.e., 1024 levels and the sketches produced with this tablet are quite an statement. Also, bear in mind that the app you are using for drawing also makes a difference in the quality, we noticed that this tablet worked great with Photoshop and ArtFlow. 

As this tablet claims to have palm rejection, to be honest, it isn’t that good. If you really want palm rejection to work, you have to place the pen very close to the screen. At times, it is quite unavoidable that palm touches before the pen comes in contact with the screen, and that can be a whole lot mess to deal with. 


Limitations are obvious with a budget friendly tablet, but the real question is “is it still worth the price?” Well, yes! It gets the job done for the price. And besides the extra free goodies such as detachable keyboard, applied screen protector, and universal power adapter are included in the box. 

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 8.5/10
  • Product Name: Simbans TangoTab
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Display: 10 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Weight: 1.26 pounds
  • Dimensions : 10 inches x 8 inches x 1 inch
  • Battery life : 5 hours
  • OS : Google Android 9.0 Pie

9- Apple Ipad – (Space Grey)

“Good at multitasking”

Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular,...
38,712 Reviews
Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular,...
  • 10.2-inch Retina display
  • A10 Fusion chip
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor
  • 8MP back camera, 1.2MP FaceTime HD front...
  • Stereo speakers
  • Nice big 10.2 inch screen
  • Snappy performance
  • Good at multitasking
  • Compatible with smart keyboard and pen
  • Keyboard and pen are not included
  • Pricier than other models

No tablet list is complete without the mention of Apple’s iPad, and this one has everything a professional artist would need. Firstly, the New Apple iPad goes along nicely with Photoshop as you’ll get all the features loaded in a nick of time. Secondly, it’s flexible with many other heavy software, apps, and games. 

Let’s dive into details to know more about this 10.2-inch masterpiece. 


The design is nothing new, it is the same as Apple has set the trademark. The shell is made of aluminium and on top there is a high quality glass. The traditional home button remains there on the front as always.

The build quality is solid and top-notch, you can’t complain about that with Apple’s iPad. It is a lightweight gadget with just 1.9 lbs pounds. Also, the water and stain resistant feature can be quite handy for people with rough hands. 


When it comes to drawing or editing, the screen makes a big difference. And, this iPad has a big 10.2 inch retina display, that is amazing for watching movies or note taking. The increased screen to body ratio is also handy for split view. 

If you are going to use the apple pen, which you will if you are a designer, then sorry to break it to you the screen is not laminated. That means, the glass isn’t pressed with the screen. This makes the pen feel a little bit floating on the screen. 


As we know Photoshop is a heavy application that demands a robust processor. Fortunately, this Apple iPad has A10 chipset that can handle 3D games, video and as well as image editing. Also, the Apple increased the RAM to 3GB, that makes multitasking a little more easy and fast. 

This Apple 10.2 inch iPad comes with two storage options 32 GB and 128 GB, make your decision carefully as there is no expansion slot. In a nutshell, iPad 10.2 inch iPad is a snappy and lag-free device performance wise. 

Bottom line

When it comes to Apple, we always expect a bank breaking price. However, this iPad is surprisingly on affordable price without compromising on the performance and the display. If you fancy Apple but don’t want to spend much, this iPad is the perfect choice in the lineup. 

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 9.9/10
  • Product Name: Apple iPad – 10.2 inch
  • Processor: A10 Fusion
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Display: 10.2 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Weight: 1.07 pounds
  • Dimensions : 9.8 x 6.8 x 0.29 inches
  • Battery life : 10 hours with WiFi surfing
  • OS : iOS
  • Camera : 8MP rear, 1.2MP front HD with HDR
  • Accessories : iPad, USB adapter, Lightning to USB Cable

10- Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

“High Speed Processor”

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - HD 8' Android Tablet...
1,152 Reviews
Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - HD 8" Android Tablet...
  • A big-screen android tablet optimized...
  • 10 point multi touch
  • Built-in dual speakers and Dolby Atmos...
  • At less than 2 lbs, this ultra-portable...
  • Camera : 8 MP 180° rotatable camera
  • Can replace you TV
  • Built-in projector offers 70-inch display
  • Built-in speakers give theatre-like experience
  • Smart, high-speed processor is battery-efficient
  • Offers great battery life
  • Multiple modes for comfortable viewing
  • Less sturdy, Faux leather design
  • Limited storage and memory
  • Running multiple heavy apps can be difficult

If Apple is way beyond your reach, no problem; we’ve got Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 for you. Since you can’t compromise on price, you’ve got to accept the smaller screen size, less storage, and a slightly old operating system. At the same time, the Lenovo ZA090094US Tab counters these limitations with some amazing features you’ve never experienced before.

If affordable price is not enough, take a look at some breath-taking features this small little tablet for photoshop has on offer.  


To start with, Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is all about entertainment and experiencing a cinema-like experience at home. Featuring an 8-inch screen with sufficient space to accommodate the logo, the Lenovo ZA090094US stands horizontally on a smooth surface to let you watch and work with ease. 

It has a faux leather finish that makes it stand out. Moreover, the body as well as the screen are splash-proof. Moreover, the bottom of the tablet features a rotatable projector that offers a bright output, and can magnify images up to 70 inches. And if that wasn’t enough, it offers as many as four in-built JBL speakers for crystal-clear sound and gives you that theatre-like feel. 


While the screen resolution is 1280 X 800 pixels, the in-built projector offers an immaculate display of up to 70 inches. So, this tablet gives you much more than just Photoshop as you can use it for presenting your projects or have your colleagues analyze your artwork in great detail. In fact, this tablet can be handy in movie-editing as you can see the changes in real-time. 

What’s so special about display? Thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that accommodates rich multimedia images and videos without any glitches. So, whether it’s about watching movies or editing images online, Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is the answer.


To talk about performance, this tablet won’t let you down. The fully functional android tablet features Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8009 processor that offers seamless Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. The quad-core Arm Cortex processor backs you with rich multimedia features without putting pressure on your battery. 

This tablet works smoothly with more than one app at a time. The 2GB RAM is more or less the industry-standard although there are better configurations available, plus, you have to compromise on smaller 16GB SSD storage. However, the powerful battery lasts up to 20 hours on single charge, which is a big bonus for designers, movie editors and other Photoshop users.  

Other features

You’re getting a splash-proof tablet that offers amazing display, continuous video streaming and a long-lasting battery at a really affordable price. What’s more? You can adjust the kickstand in four different ways to get that optimal viewing comfort. 

The tablet offers an 8MP rear camera and weighs just over 1 pound. So, it’s super-portable with not much accessories to take outside. This Lenovo tablet utilizes just 5-volts and that’s why it offers such an amazing battery time. 

Bottom line

If you’re tight on budget and can compromise on size and design, the Lenovo ZA090094US Yoga Tab 3 is a go-to tablet for you. If 2GB RAM and 16GB flash memory were a turn-offs, the high-speed Qualcomm processor is a huge bonus for a limited-budget tablet. 

You can stream-movies or watch your favourite TV shows without a break, or turn it into a full-size TV to spend a great time with your family and friends. From working on editing or designing projects to running full-screen presentations, Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 can be your best buddy.   

Specs Recap

  • Editor’s Score: 8/10
  • Product Name: Lenovo ZA090094US Yoga Tab 3
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8009
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Display: 8 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Weight: 1.03 pounds
  • Dimensions : 8.26 x 5.74 x 0.13 inches
  • Battery life : 20 hours
  • OS : iOS
  • Camera : 8MP rear, 1.2MP front HD with HDR


Don’t you agree that these smart gadgets meet all the criteria any top-of-the-line laptop can offer? Besides applying your artistic skill on photoshop, you can also play games, watch high definition movies, or take notes. And lightweight is a Bonus.

As this marks the end of the “Best Tablets For Photoshop” list, we hope that you have made your mind till now. The products listed above are jotted to fix every budget and preference, so pick the right one for you!

So, tell us which one’s your favorite tablet for photo-editing, gaming or streaming videos. Or if you have any personal favorites, do mention in the comments section below.

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